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Collaborative Divorce

A Better Way To Divorce

Collaborative Divorce is a new approach to divorce, bringing the best that legal, personal and financial wisdom have to offer in a humane, dignified fashion. The goal is to minimize the negative, emotional and economic consequences of divorce.

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How Collaborative Divorce Works

Collaborative divorce is a process that enables you and your spouse, with the support of a collaborative team, to reach a mutually acceptable resolution without going to court.

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Why Collaborative Divorce Is A Better Way

The collaborative process is designed to remove fear and anxiety from decision-making in a divorce allowing the parties to reach an agreement in a cooperative environment.

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Collaborative Divorce Professionals

How Do I Get Started?

The first step involves having a consultation with a collaborative divorce attorney. Please refer to the Directory of Professionals located on this website to help you begin your search for the collaborative attorney who best suits your needs. The collaborative divorce attorneys have strategies and guidelines that can help you begin the process and get your spouse on board as well. Members of South Jersey Collaborative Divorce Professionals are here to help you manage the transition and guide you to a post-divorce resolution settlement.

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The South Jersey Collaborative Divorce Professionals are located throughout the New Jersey counties of Burlington, Camden and Gloucester and is comprised of collaboratively trained attorneys, financial neutrals, divorces coaches, and child specialists  and advisors who are committed to resolving divorce disputes respectfully.

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Collaborative Divorce: An Investment In Solutions Rather Than Accusations

  “Frankly, I don’t care if she settles or not,” was his reply to her attorney. “I’d rather see her waste even more money like she made me do for these past four years.” These were the words of a man broken and bitter from the battle. It was no longer about ending a marriage. It was about winning the war. Endless unsubstantiated accusations were hurled at each other just for spite, like children throwing spaghetti in a food fight without regard for the innocent bystanders who would also get dirty. And one by one, these accusations would become part... Read More

Collaborative Practice Growth and Excellence

Loretta A. Gephart, M.A. is a licensed psychologist and collaborative coach in Pittsburgh, PA. Her program is designed for both new and experienced collaborative practitioners and shall cover the following topics: 1. Excellence in Practice 2. Interdisciplinary Practice and Use of the Coach 3. Growing Your Collaborative Practice Date and Location: September 12, 2017 from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm Westin Hotel 555 Fellowship Road Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054 The cost for this training is: $75.00. Make checks out to SJCDP Breakfast is included with the registration fee. Register by September 5, 2017. Send in your registration to: Barbara Rowans,... Read More

State Conference 2016

The Annual State Conference of the New Jersey Council of Collaborative Practice Groups was held May 4, 2016, at the Forsgate Country Club, in Monroe, New Jersey. . Bill Eddy, LSCW, Esq., a therapist, attorney, mediator, author and speaker presented “Client Engagement: Skills for Collaborative Practice” providing attendees with an understanding of the interaction between clients and and collaborative professionals in high conflict cases.

The Forgotten Casualties of Divorce And The Benefits Of The Collaborative Process

by C. Catherine Jannarone, Esq. There has been a lot said about the negative consequences of divorce litigation and how it affects children. Yet, no one really talks about the impact that the adversarial divorce process can have on in-laws, grandparents, aunts and uncles and other family members. But the reality is that your divorce will affect more than just your immediate family. Divorce is difficult for everyone involved. The sense of grief experienced over the loss of a son or daughter-in-law can feel very much like a death in the family. When divorce litigation becomes adversarial, family members and... Read More

"How To Divorce Without Court While A Team of Professionals Works To Help You Preserve Your Interest, Save Money, and Protect Your Children"

Imaging having a team of experts in their fields, including Lawyers, CPAs, Child Specialists, Real Estate Professionals, and Financial Advisers, all working together to help you protect your rights and your children, and now imagine having it cost less than traditional divorce.

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