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Why Choose the Collaborative Divorce Process

The Collaborative Divorce Process includes

• A Pledge not to go to Court
• An Honest and Open Exchange of Information Between Both Spouses
• Solutions that Address the Needs and Concerns of all Family Members

Collaborative Divorce is a process designed to be civilized, sophisticated, creative and respectful
for parties wishing to find a solution to their separation rather than to assign blame.

It is for parents who need and desire to find a way to co-parent their children despite their separation
and minimize the negative impact of divorce on their children.

It is for those who value privacy as financial and personal issues are not discussed in open court.

It is for people who prefer to be in control of their divorce outcome rather than letting a judge decide.

It is for those who place a value on working together post-divorce.


"How To Divorce Without Court While A Team of Professionals Works To Help You Preserve Your Interest, Save Money, and Protect Your Children"

Imaging having a team of experts in their fields, including Lawyers, CPAs, Child Specialists, Real Estate Professionals, and Financial Advisers, all working together to help you protect your rights and your children, and now imagine having it cost less than traditional divorce.

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